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Teri J. Downingtown, PA

My mother came home from the hospital and needed care in her home. She and I were both worried about who to trust in her home. Financially I had to keep working so I wanted somebody that would take care of her like I would. I wanted somebody who was compassionate and loving; somebody who would listen to our needs and not disregard them; somebody who treated her like she was important and not brush her aside because of her age; somebody who wouldn’t talk down to her; I went through several caregivers and agencies until Compassionate Senior Companions was recommended to me. I loved them instantly. From the minute they got there I felt like a large weight was lifted from my shoulders. I immediately felt like I didn’t have to worry anymore. They talked to her like she was important, gave her wonderful care, was there WHENEVER I needed them. They treated her like their own mother and that was exactly the kind of caregiver I was looking for. . They are like angels on earth.

Julia C, Richmond, VA.

My Father was nearing the end of his terminal illness and it became clear that he needed full time care immediately. We expected he would need round the clock care for 3-6 months though of course one never knows. Our hospice social worker recommended Compassionate Senior Companions as a possible company that could help us. We called CSC and made an appointment; CSC was able to meet with my father and I within two days. Our initial consult lasted a few hours as we described our needs. They were very kind, and understanding, and were willing to work with our many variables. By the end of the week CSC was able to put a team of Certified Nursing Assistants in place to provide round the clock care for my father, which included Easter weekend! They were able to respond to our needs immediately, had kind competent staff, and even worked through the Easter holiday without batting an eye – this after only less than a weeks notice!!! My out of town family members and I were so very grateful knowing that Dad was in good hands and felt safe and reassured that someone would be with him at all times. CSC provides quality, dependable, truly compassionate care and will work with your individual needs at competitive rates. I would overwhelmingly recommend them to anyone in the area.

Laura R. Downingtown, PA

Ceil, Kate and Linda, Thank you for great aids! My office mate commented the other day that she has not heard me speak about problems with aids or agencies this school year. I told her why! What a difference!

Maria S. and Camie D. Wayne, PA.

At a time whn both of our parents were in need of in-home care, we were referred to Compassionate Senior Companions. We met with Ceil and Kate and were immediately put at ease by their friendliness and professionalism. Their turnaround time to place staff into our parents home was very quick and over the next few days we had competent and caring people in place. They never blinked an eye if and when schedules needed to be adjusted and they are only a phone call away, 24-7, when needed. We lost our Dad recently and were supported and comforted by each and every member of the team. Our Mom feels safe in her home and we know she is being cared for when we can’t be there. She is not only supported by her family, but also by her friends at Compassionate Senior Companions.

Diane. R. Honey Brook, PA

I would like to personally thank you and all of the wonderful caregivers who have provided care for my mom and peace of mind for me. As an RN with over 30 years of experience, taking care of an elderly parent in my home was one of the most rewarding but difficut things that I have done. Making the call to Compassionate Senior Companions was the best decision I have ever made. Your caring staff were so friendly and made my mom feel comfortable, and gave me the peace of mind when I couldn’t be with her. I can never thank you enough for the care and peace of mind your staff provided to both my mom and me. I would recommend you to anyone who is faced with the difficult decisions that come for caring for someone they love. With my deepest gratitude,

Christine R. Glen Mills, PA

When another agency could not provide consistent care for my father-in-law, hospice recommended we contact Compassionate Senior Companions. We anticipated leaving a message and having to wait for a return call. Not the case at all! One of the owners answered the phone, set a meeting within 24 hours and their care began the next day. Both owners are hands on and work right alongside their caergivers to provide the most compassionate care possible. Shortly after we started with them, we had to increase hours, and withina day they had 2 wonderful caregivers lined up to stay throught the night. Compassionate Senior Companions has made the difficult situation of tyring to keep a loved one at home so much easier!

MaryKay Downingtown, PA

We met with Ceil and Kate from Compassionate Senior Companions in my father’s home to find out what services they offered, they sat and spoke to us at length describing the services that were offered and spent at least 2 hours on the initial visit and promised tha as owners they would be very involved in the care. They certainly were very commited to the care of my mom from the time she came home from the nursing home until her passing. The caregivers were wonderful with my mom and each one had someting different to offer, they communicated very well with our family, and as soon as any type of change came up with my mother’s health they immediately got in touch iwth family. I will always remember the night before my mom died going into her room and how beautiful she looked becasue her caregiver made sure she was kept perfect in every way. This really comforted me. Ceil and Kate still stay in touch with my dad to this day and offer help, but really they offer their kindness.

Dave A. Colorado | Newtown Square, PA (Dad’s Home)

My father is an 86 year old retired NFL football player with dementia and parkinson’s symptoms. His wife is approaching 89 years of age. Recently, my father has had some complications and is currently in hospice care. My stepmom is beginning to have trouble caring for my dad-she weighs 95 pounds, and my dad has some problems with mobility and personal hygiene. My dad developed pneumonia, and was admitted to the hospital. After a few weeks, he was discharged to a rehab facility, where he continued his recovery. He was discharged on hospice. He was placed under the care of a hospice physician and nurse. I returned to Philadelphia for my dad’s discharge and to help with getting home care arranged to meet his needs. We reviewed several resources available to us for caring for my dad and stepmom. We started with one of the caregivers from the Hospice team. This caregiver was efficient, but was more focused on tasks at hand. My stepmom felt like her wishes were being ignored. At this time, we connected with Compassionate Senior Companions. Audrey was the first caregiver we worked with. It was clear that her focus was on making both my dad and stepmom feel comfortable with the way care was being delivered. Audrey consistently engaged by dad, even though his memory is challenged, and would have conversations which lifted his spirits. Audrey would involve Mary with my dad’s care, allowing her to have as much autonomy and control of the household as she wanted. The dietary requirements (pureed foods, thickened liquids) were foreign to my stepmom, but Audrey would make sure everything was taken care of. Additional caregivers were brought in as needed. All were patient focused, and provided quality care, while respecting the family’s independence and right to final decisions. My stepmom is beginning to have some problems with her memory, and often will not remember why Compassionate Senior Companions are there. They gently remind her they are there for my dad’s safety. I have been extremely satisfied with services provided by Compassionate Senior Companions. They care about the quality of life of their patients. I would recommend this organization to anyone with senior care needs.

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