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"Trust our family to take care of your family"

Compassionate Senior Companions is a family run company founded by identical twins, Ceil Harkness and Kate Somers, who have spent their lives helping others through work in the nonprofit field and volunteer activities. The company is based on one very simple idea: our clients are like family, and we treat them the way we treat family. The owners get to know every client, and our phone lines are answered live twenty four hours a day.

We started the company with one goal in mind; to provide dignity and independence to our clients. We do this by always displaying compassion, empathy, patience, and kindness with each and every client we serve.

Our social service backgrounds helps us to support clients to obtain services that we are not able to provide. Our holistic approach helps our clients to have the best life possible.

Thank you for trusting us to take care of your family.

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Our Staff

Ceil Harkness – MPA, PCC, President and founder.

Ceil was impassioned to start the company based on her experiences with her dad, who passed away at age 90 in a nursing home. She left her job in 2013 and started Compassionate Senior Companions. She holds a Master's degree in Public Administration from West Chester University and a PCC from Duquesne University. She has lived in Chester County for 30 years, and has worked in the nonprofit sector for most of her career, serving and helping individuals in need.

Kate Somers – MS, Vice President and co-founder.

Kate (Ceil's twin sister), realized the need to help individuals remain at home as they age as she watched her dad's quality of life suffer in a nursing home. She joined forces with Ceil to make the company a reality. Her work in nonprofit included training individuals to become certified nursing assistants and helping them find employment. She holds a Master’s degree from Kansas State University in nutrition. She has lived in Chester County for 31 years, and most of her career has been spent in nonprofit, helping individuals.

Lorraine Fillippo - Sales and Marketing Director

Lorraine worked together with Ceil and Kate in nonprofit for 5 years. They met again in 2016, and she joined Compassionate Senior Companions to help spread the word about the excellent care Compassionate Senior Companions provides in the community. Lorraine has a passion for helping seniors live the life they choose. She devoted her life and cared for her mom in her home as she got older and needed help. She is a lifelong resident of Chester County.

Audrey Mortzfield – CNA, Care Manager

Audrey joined Compassionate Senior Companions in 2014, after she decided to switch careers and move into a job that she dreamed of, nurse aide. She completed a certified nursing assistant training program and joined the company immediately upon graduation. She brings a passion for helping seniors. She has lived in different parts of Chester County her entire life.

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