Senior Services in Downington

At Compassionate Senior Companions, we believe that independence is a fundamental human right for people of all ages.

As people get a little older, it often becomes slightly more challenging to go about life independently. Many of us can manage quite well with minimal assistance, while others need some additional support.

While retirement homes and nursing homes provide excellent residential options for older people, the truth is that many people would much rather remain in their homes if they are able to.

Mobility, food preparation, housekeeping, and transportation are important factors to consider. However, many elderly individuals require a little to a lot of assistance with these tasks. This can present difficulties to the individuals’ loved ones, who may live some distance away and/or have busy schedules.

Unfortunately, a number of older people end up in retirement homes unhappily simply because they needed a bit of help with the basic necessities to remain at home. Senior care in the home would have allowed them to do so.

This is where Compassionate Senior Companions steps in to serve you and your family. We are proud to offer a wide range of exceptional senior services in Downington. Our ultimate philosophy and goal is for our clients to retain their independence and dignity as they grow older.

Compassionate Senior Companions can assist with most anything our clients require to navigate through life easily and happily. Our deeply caring personnel treats our clients like family. We are also proud to offer our services at an affordable rate.

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Services We Provide

We at Compassionate Senior Companions pride ourselves on the many different forms of seniors assistance we offer to clients in the Downington area.

Senior companionship is the trademark of our business. We believe that the element of socializing and togetherness are as crucially important to our business as the service we are providing.

Each of our staff members has a patient, empathetic approach and a conversational warmth that our clients always appreciate.

Many of our clients have recently been discharged from surgery or rehab and require a little extra help upon returning home. We are proud to cater to those needs.

If you have a question about one of our service offerings, or if you are seeking a service that you don’t see listed here, we would be delighted to assist you.


Compassionate Senior Companions can prepare or assist in preparing a delicious, hearty home-cooked meal. We can adhere to special dietary requirements and can also help with feeding.

Laundry and Light Housekeeping

We are happy to assist our clients with various chores around the house, including laundry and basic cleaning.

Shopping and Transportation

Compassionate Senior Companions assists clients with mobility and getting around. Whether you require transportation to go shopping or getting to a medical appointment, we are happy to assist. Our personnel can even run errands for clients who would prefer to stay home.

24/7 Senior Care

We take great pride in the fact that our home care for seniors is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are mindful of the fact that life happens all the time, and we will respond with diligence and urgency when our services are needed.

Social Service Connections

Compassionate Senior Companions has a background in and thorough understanding of social service. If there is a service we cannot provide, we can support clients in referrals or recommendations.

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